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Squad News- Offworld Hosts Stack-Up 2019 - iC-BOT - 24-09-2019

Offworld Hosts Stack-Up 2019

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Hey Squaddies!


If you’ve been around, you know we like to take a little time each year to give back to Stack-Up. We’re getting the choppers warmed up and ready for this year’s Stack-Up event as we speak!


At the start of 2018, we had the opportunity to partner with Stack-Up for an Air Assault event where we flew out veterans from our own community to capture a variety of MOCAP recordings for our in-game character models over at Animatrik.


The Air Assault event was such a fantastic experience last time that we have joined forces with Stack-Up to bring another awesome opportunity for our community. This year we will be flying out 2 more veterans over to Vancouver, CA for an Offworld Industries studio tour as well as be part of a special Stack-Up event that we’ll be hosting!


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The date for this year’s event will be November 16th and applications will be closed from 8PM UTC Tuesday 1st October so be sure not to miss your chance at this fantastic competition!


If you’re interested and qualified, we’re asking applicants to fill out a google form with some basic contact information so we can begin the process of selection on who will join us in Vancouver for a memorable weekend!


Apply for the Offworld 2019 Stack-Up event here


Good luck to everyone who enters, we will have more information to share on this particular event next week!