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Form submission: Application - syuqri - 23-08-2019

Application For:: Member (Official)

Discord Username:: syuqri

About Yourself:: I am a networking and System Administrator  also a Backend DEV , I spent time in a military academy for 4 years attaining the rank sergeant. This is what i can say about myself.

Where did you find us?:: Project Reality Clan Forum

Why do you want to join us?:: can't say much why i want to join.

When will you be active on website?:: Daily

When will you be active on Discord?:: Daily

What can you do for the clan?:: I will do what ever i can to help the clan grow as it did previously thru hardwork and dedication.

Are you agree with our community rules?:: Yes

If you break any rules, you will be removed from our clan. Do you agree?:: Yes

RE: Form submission: Application - =TIGER= - 23-08-2019

Welcome to our community Buddy