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Do you love our clan and want to help us?

How about donation?

***You must donate $20 to receive the"Donator" Rank/Role on our Discord and Forums***

***Charging back on Paypal will result in a permaban***

Want to show how much you care about us? With web hosting, domain, server hosting, and advertising costs etc. It's expensive to keep our services up and running. That's why we now offer a method for you to donate and help us to stay online. Show your support by donating us! All donations will grant you the "Donator" status on both Forums and Discord.


  • After Donating you will receive special thanks from us on forum and server.
  • you will have member's only access on discord and forum.
  • you will be able to set a custom user title on the Forum.
  • You can change your nickname on discord server.

  • ppheart
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    About us

    Infinite-Clan is a free based friendly and fun community with members from all around the world. Our members gather everyday for fun, playing games, chat, chilling out etc.

    You can also call us a multi-gaming community. We play some massive multiplayer hardcore fps games. We enforce strict rules that seek to promote co-operation, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for true teamwork! We have a zero tolerance policy against any form of disrespect, trolling or team-killing.

    We filling up day by day. If you are looking for fun and friendly community to join, you are at right place. You are welcome to join us.